CASCAID add new career choice to Kudos – Time Lord

CASCAID add new career choice to Kudos – Time Lord

With all of the recent excitement around the announcement of Doctor Who’s 13th Time Lord, the team at CASCAID thought it might be time to add in a new career choice to our ever-popular Kudos.

Whilst some of our Kudos users will find Time Lord on their list of suggested careers this is obviously just a bit of fun.  It does however raise some interesting discussion points to have with the young people around the diversity of career options available for many subject areas. The Time Lord career has links to subject choices as varied as Travel & Tourism and Physics.

It is of further relevance currently because of the relative skills shortage in STEM areas, with the growth of job creation in the area far outstripping the increase in students studying the subjects. It also creates an opportunity to emphasise the fact that there are many varied and exciting opportunities that are available to them through such STEM qualifications.  We realise that Time Lord is not a true aspiration for most young people – except those aspiring actors! – but we believe it is a great way to start a discussion!

Here’s what the team put together…

Police BoxTime Lord – more commonly known as ‘The Doctor’

Are you a responsible person (who could perhaps take responsibility for whole planets or the entire universe)? Do you like to travel and visit new places?

Well, as a Time Lord, or just “The Doctor” you will be required to supervise the safety of the Human Race.

You will need to be a strong leader, but also be able to work alone (sometimes for hundreds of years). Strong communications skills are essential along with the ability to think on your feet

As “The Doctor” you will need to:

  • Have a strong understanding of the fabric of space and time
  • Be comfortable operating tools (specifically a sonic screwdriver).
  • Be capable flying unusual aircraft.
  • Be adaptable and open to regular change (particularly your body)

Qualifications needed for this career would include:

All STEM (Science, Technology, English and Maths) qualifications; the applicant must be qualified to A-level standard with a preferred degree in Physics – a good knowledge of the ‘space and time continuum’ is essential.

The applicant must have an A-level in Gallifreyan. However, being fluent in other languages such as, Dalek and Ood would help you to stand out from the crowd.

Preferred but not essential, a City & Guilds in Travel, Tourism and Aviation would be beneficial when visiting new places and undiscovered planets.


The Time Lord is a highly responsible position required to communicate and negotiate with extra-terrestrial species. In this role you will have a good command of time travel technology and non-linear perception of time to aid you project manage missions on earth and in the far corners of the universe.

Personal Qualities and Skills

In order to become ‘the Doctor’ you will need to be:

  • Of a mature attitude (at least nine centuries worth)
  • Capable of regeneration
  • Capable of motivating a your companion, especially when facing life threatening situations and scary aliens
  • A team player – but also capable of working alone, sometimes for hundreds of years at a time
  • Confident, assertive and occasionally, arrogant
  • Someone who enjoys travel and adventures to far-away places

Pay and Opportunities

You will not be paid a salary as ‘the Doctor’. Instead, you will gain satisfaction in knowing that you have saved the universe.

You will be provided with a TARDIS. The TARDIS is dimensionally transcendental, meaning it’s bigger on the inside than the outside. Unfortunately, the chameleon circuit is broken and has caused it to be stuck in the shape of an old style police box but it does have a large and varied wardrobe.

Entry Routes and Training

Previous work/ life experience is essential for this role. Maybe you could think about travelling as much as possible, especially through space and time.

Consider dressing up as a Dalek or Cyberman for local community events to gain insight and experience into how these characters live and work.

Getting to know your enemies is essential – use the internet to find out more about them or follow them on social media.

You will also be expected to operate a ‘sonic screwdriver’ and use ‘psychic paper’ – practice using these tools to gain access to secure and forbidden buildings.


Qualifications are very important for this career – but life experience and longevity are valued highly by your potential employers.


Previous work/ life experience is essential for this role. Have you ever battled with the Sontarans? Are you able to regenerate from male to female? Have you ever saved the world from alien invasions?


If you would like to know more about the range of career choices within Kudos or further information about CASCAID’s products and services, click here or call the team on 01509 226868.


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