Work experience week at CASCAID

Work experience week at CASCAID

With an ever-changing workplace landscape, it is even more important for young people to make the right choices for them about their future. Being on ‘work experience’ and interacting with people who they haven’t encountered before helps young people to develop skills and can help to confirm whether or not it is the type of environment that they want to work in.

At CASCAID, we are always happy to offer work placements to students; as one of the leading producers of careers information and guidance solutions, we are very keen to support students in their exploration of career options.

Stefan, Farharn & Josh, all aged 15 and from two local schools, recently completed a week of work experience at CASCAID. They were assigned various tasks which gave them the opportunity to shadow different departments and provide them with a broader understanding of the business.

Stefan said, ‘Working with staff from CASCAID has been amazing. One week doing my work experience here and it feels like I am never going to think more positively about a work place again.’

Farharn added, ‘Since I started doing my work experience, I’m slowly gaining confidence. On the first day, I was scared because of meeting new people but that soon changed as I got to know the staff.’

‘Working at CASCAID is a brilliant experience,’ said Josh. ‘It has really helped me to see how a work place works and helped me to develop my confidence when meeting new people. All the staff are really helpful and create a very positive environment.’

Stefan, Farharn and Josh also had the opportunity to look at Kudos where they completed the careers questions and explored various roles from the results they were matched to.

Josh told us he would recommend Kudos because it is really simple and easy to use. He said, ‘With bright and interesting colour combinations, it is a really pleasant product to use. It can open up careers that you didn’t even know about or even considered.’

‘Using Kudos gave me a lot of help in deciding what I might consider to do in the future,’ added Stefan. ‘It guides you fully, nothing could be improved and it includes:

– A variety of careers that match after you easily answer 60+ questions about what you prefer to do and your skills.

– Easily accessible site

– Checking where you could do different apprenticeships and courses on Google Maps.’

Farharn said using Kudos provided him with a lot of information about the career he would like to do. ‘I think Kudos is great and will definitely benefit young people who have no idea about what career to do.’

Farharn added, ‘Kudos shows a range of careers; CASCAID add new careers and update information on a regular basis so everything is current.’ He added, ‘Another great thing about Kudos is that you can find apprenticeships near you and find jobs that you could apply for. I want to become an entrepreneur, Kudos told me how to become one and the skills you need. This was very helpful for me.’

Josh concluded, ‘You can also favourite careers, subjects, colleges and universities for quick access. Also, there is a CV builder which is useful for young people needing help creating their first CV.

Kudos can also help you choose what to do by telling you about careers you could achieve if you go to college or university or not. If you are considering an apprenticeship, Kudos even shows you where the vacancies are.’

And finally, we asked the young men about how they felt about their ‘work experience’ week:

Stefan said, ‘The work experience gave me a lot more confidence. This would not have been possible if the place I was working at was not CASCAID. Kudos is one of the most effectively helpful programmes I have ever used and CASCAID is one of the best places I will work at.’

‘If anyone asked me if they should do work experience,’ said Josh, ‘I would say absolutely yes because it can really help to prepare you for the world of work. It helps your confidence and it also looks great on your CV.’

And Farharn, ‘Work experience at CASCAID was great and I would recommend it to friends who would be interested in it. This experience will go on my CV so it will help me get a job in the future.’

Thank you for your kind words, gentlemen.

Reading Stefan, Farharn and Josh’s comments, there is no doubt that their week had a positive effect on them. Three shy boys arrived and three smiling young men left!

At CASCAID, we feel work experience is a fantastic opportunity for students. Not only are young people able to explore the world of work and discover what it is like in ‘real-life’ but it helps prepare them for their future.

For students considering work experience, Kudos can help them discover which job they might be interested in.

If your students are interested in a work placement at CASCAID or you would like further information about Kudos, call us on 01509 226868 or email

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