CASCAID Manager – a careers guidance tracking tool

CASCAID Manager – a careers guidance tracking tool

We are talking all things ‘CASCAID Manager’ this week as part of our ‘CASCAID Manager 5 day challenge’!

We have started with a five day poll on twitter (click here to take part if you haven’t already) and given out a link to one our free CASCAID Manager resources.

Today, we look in more detail at how the free CASCAID Manager tool can support teachers and advisers within the careers guidance process.


CASCAID Manager is a great way to monitor and evaluate how your students or clients are using your CASCAID subscription as well as get valuable information that can help shape the support you offer.

What can I do?

Within CASCAID Manager tracking tool you can:

  • Register you and your colleagues to create unique and secure, individual usernames and passwords to allow access to the CASCAID Manager
  • Create usernames and passwords for your students or clients so that they can access your CASCAID subscription, such as Kudos. You can create single or multiple users or you can upload a list of users if you already have them stored electronically
  • Create Groups to help you manage your users. Groups allow you to organise users in the same way that you organise students or clients within your organisation or school
  • Tailor the CASCAID Manager dashboard to give you an excellent overview of exactly how your users have benefited by using your CASCAID subscription
  • View and print reports for an individual user’s activity and progress to support guidance interviews, follow-up discussions and interactions with parents
  • Produce high-level reports – with the option to personalise with your school or organisation’s logo – to help you demonstrate the support you have in place and identify any areas for improvement

How much does the CASCAID Manager cost?

All CASCAID subscriptions include free access to the CASCAID Manager.

What our customers think…

‘As a school looking for a careers tool that would provide reliable data and engage all stakeholders, the free access to CASCAID Manager, as part of our CASCAID subscription is invaluable. It was imports that we had the capacity to demonstrate and measure the impact of our careers guidance support. CASCAID Manager offers everything we are looking for.’

Senior Teacher at Secondary School

Find out more…

To learn more about the CASCAID Manager and how it can help you, download our free User Guide.

If you have a CASCAID subscription, you can start using the CASCAID Manager now.

If not, give our friendly team a call on 01509 226868 or email us to discover more about our range of online careers information and guidance services, including the CASCAID Manager.

P.S. Follow us on twitter @CASCAID and join in with this week’s ‘CASCAID Manager 5 day challenge.’ We’d love to hear from you!

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