Join CDI & CASCAID’s live webinar

Join CDI & CASCAID’s live webinar

The webinar will explore 21st-century careers: the jobs of tomorrow

There are many careers that exist today which didn’t exist five years ago, and we know that lots of new jobs and careers will keep appearing going forward. How do you find out about them and how do you help prepare your clients or students for a career of the future? Kudos, CASCAID’s flagship career guidance software solution, includes profiles of over 700 careers. This number is ever increasing on the back of continuous investigation and exploration by our team of researchers.

Working with industry keeps us abreast of how careers are changing and what employers will need from their workforce in the future. This is reflected in our Future Careers work area, that showcases some of the potential careers young people may pursue in future years.

The presentation will be hosted by CASCAID’s director, Sharon Walpole. She will cover the jobs of tomorrow and also touch on the issues facing UK industry, such as an ageing workforce and the impact of technology, on careers of the future.

The live presentation is scheduled for:
Date: Monday 26th June 2017
Time: 3.00pm – 4.00pm 

To sign up for this presentation click here

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