Cyber Security – in safe hands?

Cyber Security – in safe hands?

Cyber security is very much in the news – whether it be our own personal information and online safety, or the very integrity of governments and democratic elections, it seems we all need to be aware of the dangers facing us within the cyber realm. After all, if an organisation as wealthy and powerful as NATO can be hit by a cyber attack, what hope have we got as individuals?

Well fortunately there is help at hand!

Cyber security professionals exist to help us as individuals, businesses, and organisations to protect ourselves from cyber attack. These highly skilled professionals are playing an increasingly important role within the workplace, and this heightened presence will grow and develop over the coming years, making cyber security a great career choice for today’s young people.

Currently, 58,000 experts are working in cyber security in this country – but this is not enough. Our future security needs to be planned and protected, and the government has been warned that the industry is increasingly finding it difficult to recruit people with the right skills; and this is a worry.

As a result, the government has announced that schoolchildren will be offered lessons in cyber security in schools, to raise the profile of this industry and encourage them to become our security experts of the future.

From September 2017, pupils aged 14 and over, will receive both classroom and online training for up to four hours a week – which is a serious undertaking for a 14 year old!

However, it is important that once this awareness and enthusiasm has been created, young people then have a recognisable and understandable pathway into a relevant career – whether that be via Further or Higher Education, or the Apprenticeship route (the government has announced the creation of a new Level 4 Cyber Security Apprenticeship, with many leading employers on board).

This announcement by the government is potentially fantastic news for the UK cyber security industry – and for all of us who regularly shop, bank and socialise online.

It is vital that these measures are supported by well-informed careers advice. Young people will need to know what careers and pathways are available to them.

At CASCAID we feature the career profile ‘Cyber Security Consultant’. We supply information on work activities, skills, salary, and the different pathways into, including FE, HE and apprenticeship advice – crucial information for young people wondering how to take their new found cyber security skills forward into their career choices.

Here at CASCAID we also fully understand just how important cyber security is when applied to our own working practices. We handle a lot of student/school information, and so online security is of great importance to us. We have been accredited by the government’s Cyber Essentials Plus Scheme. Our IT Support staff are Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP) qualified, which is a recognised worldwide professional gold standard. More information can be found here

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