Leaders Career Management Skills (CMS) in Europe: Implementing a career management skills framework

Leaders Career Management Skills (CMS) in Europe: Implementing a career management skills framework

iCeGS at the University of Derby, together with CASCAID are working with a number of European partners to develop and implement a career management skills framework. The LEarning And Decision making Resources (LEADER) project has been established to support practitioners in partner countries (which include; Italy, Greece, Romania, Turkey and Spain) to use the CMS framework with a range of clients.

The framework (see Figure 1 below) was constructed as a result of research undertaken across the partner countries (Neary, Dodd and Hooley, 2015). The framework consists of five domains, each of which contains a set of competencies which contribute to effective career management.

Figure 1: Leader Framework for Careers


In this article we will present the pilots currently being undertaken in the UK. We have two pilots which are testing out different domains of the framework. In Derby we are working with the da Vinci community school. Here we are testing out Managing Relationships and Understanding the world.

Understanding the World was piloted with year 8 in summer 2016.

Students were introduced to the changing world of work and the opportunities that may arise from this. Initially students were focusing on identifying their own personal skills and qualities. Using an A-Z of current existing careers students researched what potential jobs of the future might look like. This informed a discussion on skills needed for these new jobs and how skills can be transferrable.

Students were very enthusiastic and independently researched jobs of the future which resulted in a presentation being produced for one of the jobs they had discovered. Students were sharing ideas and thoughts on why their job was appealing to them and the skills they have for these and skills they need to develop.

As part of the pilot students had an opportunity to visit EPM Technology to observe a manufacturing company and how they are developing new products/materials for the future. This visit was filmed for the local news, East Midlands Today and students were encouraged to share their views about future employment opportunities. The programme has been very effective and has now been incorporated into the school’s PSHCE curriculum.

  • The Managing Relationships will be commencing in April 2017 with year 9.

Students will have an opportunity to explore the importance of building relationships and understand the importance of good communication skills and to help realise their potential.

CASCAID are piloting the framework with Halesowen College and testing the following elements:

  • Personal effectiveness with mature students on the ‘Access to university’ programme
  • Finding and accessing work with post-16 Level 1 learners on a programme titled ‘Preparing for your next steps’.

Both programmes will include a range of resources and tools to support the development of CMS with students taking part. The students on the access to university stream will take part in 3 sessions focusing around understanding their own strengths, experience and skills and how to relate these to their university choice and application.

The Level 1 learners will learn about skills needed for employment, gain skills to explore careers and understand how to communicate effectively when applying for jobs, courses and apprenticeships – both verbally and written.

A range of techniques will be used to deliver these sessions, including outside speakers, use of the Kudos careers tool, using the labour market to inform career choice and sessions with professional career guidance staff in the college.

The project will culminate with a dissemination conference in Italy in May 2017 which will provide the opportunity to examine a range of approaches to embed career management skills within different contexts. After the conference all the project resources will be available on the project website www.leaderproject.eu

Dr Siobhan Neary RCDP, Head of iCeGS, University of Derby

Ella Bujok, International and Partner Business Development Manager, CASCAID

Stella Mosley, Careers and Vocational Coordinator, da Vinci Community School, Derby

Career Matters, April 2017/Issue 5.2

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