Career of the week – Author

Career of the week – Author

Are you or your students a budding young writer?

Have you or your students got a good understanding of language, have a rich imagination and excellent attention to detail?

There are lots of opportunities to write for a living, one of the routes that can be taken is to become a fiction or non-fiction author.

This could start off as a hobby but the more you write, the more you improve your craft. So how can you get a career as an author? Studying English Literature and Imaginative writing at college or university can definitely help.

You can also become a copy writer which is a growing job market, you work on newspaper, magazine or online ads. There is also script-writing opportunities where you can write scripts for plays, films and television.

Wanting to write non-fiction? Have you thought about a journalism course? This can help your research, writing and editing skills.

Overall the skills you learn not only help you write books but it can also help you develop skills you can use in your future career.

Want more information on what careers you can do with writing? Then Kudos can help, find out more here.

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