Sam’s work experience week at CASCAID

Sam’s work experience week at CASCAID

Experiences gained early in a young person’s exposure to work are incredibly important in shaping their future skills and thus, CASCAID being a careers hub, are always happy to offer work placements to students.

Sam, aged 15 recently completed a week of work experience at CASCAID and was assigned with various tasks which offered him the opportunity to shadow different departments from Sales, Marketing to IT giving him a broader understanding of the business.

Sam was also given the opportunity to delve deeper and look at the product Kudos where he completed the careers questions and explored various roles from the results he was matched to. We had asked Sam what he thought of the product in regards to exploring a myriad of careers, and he conveyed that Kudos was very helpful because it categorised and segmented jobs that were suitable for him and saw jobs he could go on to do in the future that matched his likes and dislikes.

The most important aspect of a work experience is to confirm whether you’d prefer and enjoy working in a particular sector and if the job role and tasks matches your personality and skills set.

At the beginning of the week, Sam was asked what he enjoyed the most, his response was ICT and computers. This was confirmed for Sam during his week at CASCAID as he enjoyed shadowing and aiding the IT department. He spent a couple of days building computers, installing software’s and also setting up computers to be used by staff members.

Sam said, “The best time of my experience was working with the I.T team because I was hands on and I could see an achievement at the end of it. If I was going to come back, I would like to be working in the I.T department.”  

It was not just Sam who enjoyed the week, the CASCAID staff liked having Sam join the team for a while helping and learning from various tasks throughout the week.

‘I’ve enjoyed working with Sam this week. He has excellent computer skills and the knowledge to match it. Sam has grown in confidence and was able to help me complete my work, including building a PC, installing new software and even teaching me a thing or two. He has a very bright future.’ Sam, IT technician

‘It has been a delight to have Sam in our office and part of the Sales team this week. He has helped me out with getting some important data from the internet and adding this into a spreadsheet for me. He has been extremely polite, engaging and it was nice to see his confidence grow throughout the week. I wish Sam all the luck in the future’ Hannah, Account Manager

So would Sam encourage work experience?

‘If a friend asked me about work experience I would say yes because it prepares you for the future and to understand life’ said Sam.

Work experience is a fantastic opportunity not only to explore the world of work but to help towards preparing for when you have finished studying. Not only is work experience fun, you can add it to your personal statement and record of achievement.

So here at CASCAID we feel that work experience is a brilliant idea and would welcome any young student to see what the world of work is like in action.

‘I have enjoyed my time with CASCAID. As soon as you walk through the door all the staff say hello and smile, which makes me feel welcomed and would like to be in their environment. And if I was struggling they were there to help me out’ explained Sam.

Are your students Interested in doing work experience but not sure which job to spend a week at? Then Kudos can help, click here fore more information  or call us on  +44 (0) 1509 226868.

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