Why I chose KUDOS

Why I chose KUDOS

Careers Adviser, Jill Valentine highlights why she chose Kudos through the labyrinth of career options that exist out there.

Decisions, decisions decision there are so many to be made between the ages of 13-19. If you support or work with teenagers or have one yourself, you will know what I am talking about. If you’re in your teens you will definitely know what I am talking about.

In those six years the number of truly life changing decisions that need to be made and deadlines to hit, are many.

  • Decide what subjects to study at GCSEs?
  • Decide what A’ Levels to take?
  • Decide if an Apprenticeship would be a good route?
  • Decide if a college course would be more beneficial?
  • Decide which university to apply to?

Many teenagers are resourceful and will naturally receive support along the way from a variety of sources including: Mum and Dad, friends, older pupils and students, relatives, teachers and Career Advisers etc. Some of this advice will be: helpful, some very helpful, some biased, some out of date, some directive, some inappropriate, some inaccurate and some even plain un-helpful.

However, if you are a teenager feeling totally clueless about what you would like to do, or are searching for answers to your questions about careers, I would recommend KUDOS. What I like about KUDOS is that it can bridge this gap and offer practical and impartial advice to help you make the right decision for your career. KUDOS offers numerous questions from which it identifies your personality and matches the right job for you, not just one but many. The results give you a handful of careers matched to your answers and will numerically rank them to differentiate which career suits you the most as opposed to something you could do but doesn’t relate to all your answers.

Having had the quiz completed myself, I can share that it had suggested that the role of a Careers Adviser might be a good match for me! There were options which allowed me to analyse and delve deeper to understand why this match had been made. I could also then go back to analyse all the answers I had given and see the evidence for myself.

This is because KUDOS offers a selection of answers to choose from, such as, dislike, dislike very much, does not matter, like and like very much.

For example, with the job of a Career Adviser I had answered ‘I like very much’ to the following questions:

  • Explaining ideas and information to people
  • Influencing people’s decisions or actions

Advantageously, I could favourite certain sections as it automatically saved it so that when I was far ahead in the quiz or logged back in after a few days, my results were not only saved but I could differentiate what stood out to me and would not need to start all over.

Once you have answered all the questions and saved your favourite ones, you can go on to find the answers to all those pressing questions you may have.

These may vary from:

  • What subjects do you need to be a …….?
  • How do you become a …….?
  • Which universities offer a degree in ………?
  • What Apprenticeships are there locally in……….?
  • Where can I find out more information?

The beauty of this package is, all the above information and a lot more is accessible from a single platform. KUDOS provides access to a wealth of information all beautifully tailored to your individual needs. As you have your own login, all your interactions, research, results, Action plans, CVs and Personal Statements etc. are saved and therefore, can be added to or revisited every time you log on.

So if you are a confused or frustrated, wanting inspiration on what to do and how to do it; or if you work with 13-19 year olds in any help or supporting capacity; or you are a parent looking for a tool to give some guidance through the labyrinth of options, then why not give KUDOS a go?

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For details of the wide range of license codes on offer click here

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