The best value for money for your careers resources

The best value for money for your careers resources

Last week, a member of the CASCAID team was speaking with one of our long-standing customers to ensure the best value is being received from our solutions and services.

The customer in question subscribed to our standard Kudos package along with our 16+ module, which gives access to LMI, live apprenticeships information, post-16 courses available at local providers and searchable job adverts to help young people understand what employers are looking for and how they recruit.

During the conversation, the customer mentioned that they had recently bought an additional resource to support their career guidance programme.  In general, we think it’s great to hear schools are using a range of products to support the delivery of effective CEIAG. Whilst we consider ourselves market leaders in what we offer, we also accept that we (sadly!) don’t have a monopoly on these resources, tools and solutions.

However, on this occasion we were a little shocked by our customer’s choice of additional resource. They had chosen an online solution to support their students to explore the world of apprenticeships, further education and higher education. These are all invaluable tools that the school is providing for its students, but the most shocking aspect to us was the cost – more than £1,000.00.

Kudos, our flagship careers guidance service solution, has been providing information, advice and guidance for students for over 25 years.  We have over 1.5 million registered users across over 1000 schools.

uni 3

We maintain and continually update a careers information database of 744 occupations covering 1900 job titles with matching likes and dislikes, job information, case studies, linked subjects and pathways and other material. Critically, we also offer full access to live apprenticeships (and a link to the apprenticeships website to allow users to physically apply for these apprenticeships when they are ready), FE courses and HE courses.

Uni 2

These can be viewed through the individual careers, showing the courses and apprenticeships associated with each of the careers, or can be searched independently. This allows a young person to explore the myriad of pathways into various careers either on their own or with the support of a guidance professional.  We offer this as an additional module to our Kudos licence at a cost of just £150 – 10% of the cost of the product our customer was using.

It has been clear recently that there are increasing pressures on school budgets and finances.  There is increased expectation that schools ensure they are getting maximum value for money from the resources they use. What is also clear is that it is hugely important to students that schools can offer the best possible careers guidance programmes to support future development.  We believe that Kudos can offer both products.

So, our question to you is are you getting the best value for money for your careers resources?  If you aren’t sure, then please contact us on +44 (0)1509 226868 or email us at and we can support you to provide the best possible career outcomes for your students whilst getting excellent value for money.

To further explore Kudos click here.


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