Has there been a lack of young people training for STEM careers?

Has there been a lack of young people training for STEM careers?

STEM careers have been in the news recently, and this is because more businesses are now asking for training in the areas where they feel skills are short and STEM are seen to be part of this.

Sean Coughlan BBC’s Education Correspondent stated that, ‘Vocational skills and technical education have been longstanding weaknesses in England’s education system’[1]

CASCAID’s recent careers report suggests that here is a lack of interest, skill and career direction in Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths. Addressing the weaknesses in this area has been a focus for UK government for a number of years not just because of labour market shortfalls but also because STEM skills are important to all young people in developing life skills regardless of the career they choose.

In exploring and shortlisting careers, STEM careers remain amongst the lowest. Only 4 of the most popular careers in terms of exploration are associated with STEM and these are either related to Biological Sciences or Information Technology. Looking at shortlisted careers again only 4 STEM careers feature in this year’s top 50 careers.

Chancellor Phillip Hammond wants to create a new technical route in to work ala Germany and the USA.

The solution suggested from the chancellor is to have an extra £500m a year to train more skilled workers and to reform education by replacing existing qualifications with routes linked to the needs of employers.

As well as the funding option, it seems like more must be done to attract students.

CASCAID data has also highlighted the skills that young people believe they need to improve in order to access the careers they are interested in. The results show that although young people recognise the value and importance of strong maths skills, it is still a weakness.

To read our Careers Report in full click here 

dale-signatureDale Houlden, CASCAID Marketing Team


[1] http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-39169490

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