inforex-naples-photoBack in December, CASCAID attended the kick-off meeting in Naples for a new Erasmus+ European Project looking at implementing non-formal training for ex-offenders across Europe. The Innovative ways of including low qualified ex offender to the labour market (INforEX) project is a cooperation of a range of organisations from six nations; Cyprus, Italy, Lithuania, Poland, Spain and the UK.

Training of disadvantaged groups, including marginalised low qualified adult ex-prisoners and ex-offenders that have never seen their competences certified due to lack of any kind of training is becoming increasingly important. These target groups, by their nature or because of their life paths, show some difficulty in completing “standardised” training courses.


Lack of appropriate vocational and social skills increases their social exclusion and they are at high risk of long–term unemployment

The project aims to enhance the basic skills and key competences of low qualified adult ex-prisoners and ex-offenders and to provide certification of skills.

Together the project partners will work with employers to train staff to deliver ‘on the job’ training that enhances the prospects of the beneficiaries.

The new, active and practical training methodology and certification system will be piloted and result in a framework and resources that can be used in practice by a range of stakeholders in European nations and beyond.

CASCAID is looking forward to playing a key role in this exciting new project and supporting ex-offenders to rehabilitate and play a positive part in society and their communities alike. This is aligned to our mission to ensure that individuals make the best possible decisions about their futures and have access to the most appropriate learning and training.

CASCAID is involved in a number of International projects that support Lifelong Guidance and we review national approaches to careers education for public and private organisations. We are a global leader in delivering the very best ICT tools for career guidance and have supported over 40 million people since our inception 40 years ago.


If you are interested in hearing more about the project or if your organisation wishes to be involved in the pilot programme, please contact Ella Bujok, International Business Manager at CASCAID for more information; or +44 (0)7966 773 603.

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