CASCAID is here to stay

CASCAID is here to stay

In this day and age, companies come and go but CASCAID has history and we’re here to stay.

Founded in 1969, CASCAID is the leading provider of careers information and guidance solutions both nationally and internationally, with over 45 years’ experience of inspiring people with their career choices.

We can trace our history back to a project within the Leicestershire County Council Careers Service, when it began to create a computer database of high-quality occupational information and a means of analysing interests to present career ideas. This was used to support careers guidance professionals in their work with clients.

Today we work throughout the UK and in many countries across the world with our partners to deliver support which help young people and adults make informed decisions about their learning, training, work and career goals. Every year we help millions of people worldwide with their career choices.

Why we are different

Over the last 45 years we have developed a specialised approach to engaging and inspiring people about their future career decisions.

  • Impartiality underpins what we do – we give every user every opportunity to explore every possibility.
  • Transparency is critical to building self-awareness – there’s no mystery in why a user gets the results that we give them.
  • Being responsible is imperative – we know that people are using our programs to make decisions which will impact their future.
  • We believe in the power of good guidance – our programs work hand-in-hand with professionals to deliver real impact.
  • We are a social enterprise – we gift aid proceeds for reinvestment in education.
  • Careers support is crucial – we’re determined to do everything that we can to raise the profile of careers support, championing the positive economic and social impacts it has on individuals, their communities and the wider economy.

We don’t have dragons or jive bunnies

 The CASCAID Team are made up of highly experienced, enthusiastic and committed people.

We are driven by delivering an innovative service that inspires young people and adults to explore, discover what’s possible and make the right choices about their future career destinations and learning & training journeys.

 Jim Burton, Chief Executive of CASCAID said, ‘Our products and services are suitable for all, from seven years to 70, with our most popular, Kudos, used by over 200,000 students.

Our products have evolved over the years and are tried and trusted by teachers and careers advisers. With a wealth of experience, continued support from Loughborough University and exciting plans for the future, CASCAID aims to be around for another 40 plus years, at least!’

To find out more about CASCAID and our range of products and services, visit

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