Take a look at our new career profiles!

Take a look at our new career profiles!

At CASCAID we want to provide the most accurate, up-to-date impartial careers information. As a result we are constantly carrying out research into our career profiles, and updating them accordingly. We are also studying the very latest job vacancy data, and using it to identify and create new career profiles. This enables us to provide our users with a true representation of the job market, with realistic career titles and therefore realistic aspirations.

Over the summer we have added 8 exciting new careers:

  • Transport Modeller  – When a new road is to be built, a detailed digital model is created before work begins, to see how much traffic the road will carry, how wide it needs to be and to decide exactly where the junctions should be. It will be your role as the Transport Modeller to create this digital 3D model.
  • Cyber Security Consultant – Online safety is a hugely important issue, both to us as individuals and also in the world of business. As a Cyber Security Consultant, it will be your responsibilty to make sure your client’s online networks and systems are as safe and secure as possible.
  • Supply Chain Manager – Supply Chain Managers play a vital role in the successful operation of an organisation or business. You will be responsible for the smooth flow of goods and services throughout your organisation.
  • Brand Manager – “Brand” is a term which we may not use everyday, but which actually has a huge impact on our everyday lives. “Brand” refers to the name of a product or service produced by one organisation. For instance, think of one of the large supermarket chains, and consider all the different products they produce; each of these individual products is a “brand”. As a Brand Manager, you will be responsible for creating, developing, and protecting a brand, or number of brands.
  • Legal Cashier – As a Legal Cashier, you will take care of the finances for a law firm. You will act as a specialised bookkeeper, taking responsibility for the accounting and financial operations of a solicitor’s practice, such as recording the day-to-day financial transactions and preparing the profit and loss reports for the annual accounts. You will receive specialist accountancy training, focussing on the legal industry.
  • Barista   Do you like meeting new people, and realise the importance of good customer service? If the answer is ‘yes’, then maybe you should think about becoming a Barista! If you work as a Barista, you will be serving hot and cold drinks and snacks to customers from behind a counter. Your speciality will be in preparing and serving coffee.
  • Restaurant Host/Hostess  – As a Restaurant Host/Hostess, you are one of the most important people in the restaurant. You will be the first person a guest meets as they arrive for their meal. You will cheerfully meet and greet the guests, welcome them to the restaurant and show them to their seat – and remember, first impressions count!
  • Learning Mentor – As a Learning Mentor you will provide support and guidance to school pupils who are having problems with their education and school experience, maybe due to social, emotional or behavioural issues.


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