17 top tips to help maximise your Kudos subscription

17 top tips to help maximise your Kudos subscription

Easy to navigate and intuitive to use, Kudos, the UK’s most popular, impartial careers guidance program, is designed to seamlessly embed itself within your career guidance activity. This is great news for teachers and careers advisers who can rely on the breadth of up-to-date information Kudos offers as well as the wide range of free classroom resources.

With a new version of Kudos recently launched that has been developed with input from young people, teachers and advisers, we thought it would be a great time to put together our top tips for making the most of your Kudos subscription…

  1. Register for a free demonstration webinar with one of our program specialists and explore Kudos in further detail from the comfort of your own office!
  2. Get insight into the progress your students are making with their career journey via CASCAID Manager. Free to access, this student tracking suite now shows you the impact Kudos is having on each cohorts’ progress as well as ‘distance travelled’.
  3. Help students decide which KS4 and KS5 subjects will help them in their career plans with the new ‘What subjects should I study?’ section.
  4. Encourage students to explore the career opportunities that they could progress to in different industry sectors with the improved ‘Work Areas’ section, accessed through the tool bar.
  5. Inspire students to get engaged in experiences that will help them stand out in the future, with the head start action plan ideas within ‘My Profile’.
  6. Develop students’ self-awareness by encouraging them to explore the redesigned ‘Is this for me?’ section where they can discover how well suited each career is to them.
  7. Remember, information entered into the previous version of Kudos will not be accessible in the new version.
  8. Make use of the wide range of updated support materials including lesson plans, guides and ‘How to…’ short films.
  9. Encourage students/clients to access Kudos from home; helping to involve parents in the careers guidance process.
  10. Maximise class time by using CASCAID Manager to create up to 200 users at a time.
  11. Monitor student/client activity with CASCAID Manager, including whether they have completed the likes & dislikes section, chosen any potential careers and when they last logged in.
  12. Use the new at-a-glance dashboard also within CASCAID Manager to organise by group/cohort and filter by activity; making it easy to identify individuals or groups of students/clients that need intervention and extra support.
  13. With information gathered from CASCAID Manager you can plan targeted careers activity, including work experience.
  14. Download a copy of the ‘Framework for careers, employability and enterprise education’ and discover how CASCAID products can help support each of the learning outcomes.
  15. Link Kudos to your VLE/ Moodle to encourage student use and reassure parents it is a trusted source.
  16. Maximise your budget by subscribing to the complete Kudos package, offering complete careers guidance for as little as 60p* per student.
  17. Use the ‘recording of achievements’ feature within Kudos HE from Year 10 onwards to get students ready for UCAS/ course applications

Subscribers to Kudos have been automatically updated to the new version, if you are yet to explore it, what are you waiting for! Packed with new features as well as an engaging new design, feedback shows that this enhanced version is set to be as popular as ever…

“As a school we were looking for a careers tool that would provide reliable data, engage all stakeholders, be value for money and ultimately be a key driver in raising the aspirations in our community. We wanted to make an evidence based decision on the product and it was important for us that we had the capacity to measure the impact it would have. The new version of Kudos offers everything we were looking for and more.”

Tom, Senior Teacher, Thomas Adams School

“The new version is really flexible to use. I’m finding it really useful in subject lessons as well as in careers work.”

Catherine, Careers Adviser, Future Focus

“Kudos is the main resource that I use to provide my students with support and guidance. I like the ‘distance travelled’ function in the new version which gives me some good intelligence on how students are progressing.”

Kathryn, John Willmott School

“There are some very good new features in the update. The tracking features in the Manager as well as the links to courses and Apprenticeships are really useful. Kudos helps me to deliver impartial careers support and this version will allow students to take real ownership and see the links between their interests, subjects and careers.”

Judith, secondary school, West Midlands

“The new version is visually pleasing and very clear. I really like the links to LMI and the choice of starting points for students. It feels like a holistic tool for impartial guidance.”

Rhonda, Rushcliffe School

So, what’s new?

This new version includes all of the great support, including reliable, impartial careers information that young people need to make those critical life choices. From subject choice at Key Stage 4 to post-16 options such as A-levels, college courses, apprenticeships or the world of work, Kudos can help inform and support. What’s more, with the personalised experience based on their likes and dislikes they receive personalised career ideas that help to develop their self-awareness.

Along with a new look, Kudos is packed with new content that has been designed to offer even greater support to young people, teachers and advisers and includes:

  • Recommended subjects for each career
  • Head start action planning designed to help students stand out from the competition
  • Improved LMI and career information
  • Enhanced progression support
  • The ability to explore career families; opening up even more career avenues
  • The option to easily relate careers to salary and qualifications

Following feedback from users, we have also added a new ‘Finish Later’ option, which allows users to save their progress so far and continue at another time; great for when careers guidance is fitted in around other activities and time is limited.

We understand that young people often struggle to relate subjects to careers, with the new ‘What should I study?’ option, they can find out which subjects are required for the careers they are interested in  – perfect for those considering GCSE or A-level choices

Want to find out more?

 Register here for a free demonstration webinar and explore all that Kudos has to offer, alternatively, email enquiry@cascaid.co.uk or call the team on 01509 22 68 68 to discuss your requirements.

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