National Careers Week – My first job

National Careers Week – My first job


Experiences gained early in a young person’s exposure to work are incredibly important in shaping their future skills.

Today we continue our series of posts, looking at the early careers of the CASCAID team, with an article from Jagdip Singh, one of our Software Developers.

“From a young age I’ve been presented with opportunities to work in various different roles ranging from family related businesses to office work at factories.

One of my first jobs was at a local dairy product supplier. My role was as the receptionist with the main task of being someone who spoke to customers over the telephone. The customers were local shop owners who would call you and place an order or complain because something had gone wrong in the logistics of the dairy and that they hadn’t received their order on time, usually in the earlier hours of the morning. My shift started at 8 am; however the nature of the business meant that the logistics (delivery of orders) and customer rage, disappointment and frustration had begun at 3 am. The first part of my role meant going through a list of voicemails from these customers. It was almost as if the management at the dairy were passing blame to the customers and vice versa with me being caught in the crossfire of communication as the first point of contact. I then had to call various businesses to remind them of overdue payments causing much frustration for the customer. Customers complaining about the dairy products such as the milk containing mixed water or that the date labels had been forged was the norm. Needless to say, this was an example of a bad work experience but something that taught me patience with dealing with people over the phone, people that were not particularly happy.

If there was something positive that I could take from this job it was that I wanted more. I felt a sense of pride that, rather than watching the same TV and playing video games throughout the summer, I was out there doing a full-time job making money. So this trend continued over to other holiday periods and gave me the desire to be working and doing more rewarding things during unoccupied time.

During my time at University I took up a part time shift at an off-license that I shared with my older sibling. This was an active customer facing role between 8 am and 11 pm. The biggest benefit of this work place was that I was able to talk with people from different cultures, backgrounds and age groups that I would otherwise would never have been given the opportunity to do. I learnt that the time of the day meant a lot about how a person would be, for example the elderly folk in the morning who were very open, would tell stories about themselves were very different to the people who had come back from a tiring shift at work who had closed themselves up and would not talk. I remember scenarios where children would turn up to buy sweets but be short of 5p and not able to buy the sweet they wanted and I would give in to my internal guilt and let them just take it.

I learnt a lot about people in general and myself during these roles before becoming what I am now, and most, if not all, of my experiences have given me a fair understanding of what a good and bad work experience is, motivating me to study harder so that I have a wider selection of options to be able to choose from something which I believe is very important in the career development of any young person who wants to be successful.”


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