Take a look at our new career profiles!

At CASCAID we want to provide the most accurate, up-to-date impartial careers information. As a result we are constantly carrying out research into our career profiles, and updating them accordingly. We are also studying the very latest job vacancy data, and using it to identify and create new job profiles. This enables us to provide our users with a true representation of the job market, with realistic career titles and therefore realistic aspirations.

Over the last week two new job profiles have been added to our collection. They are:

  • BIM Manager – Building Information Modelling (BIM) is the detailed digital representation of an actual building, which can be used throughout the building’s entire lifecycle, from it’s initial planning, right through to its eventual demolition. As a  BIM Manager it will be your job to design, produce and maintain building information models in order to assist in the overall designs and construction processes which a building undergoes in its lifetime.
  • Business Development Manager – Business Development Managers play an incredibly important and exciting role in today’s economy – they help businesses to grow by generating new business, and keeping hold of their current customer base.Once you have skilfully developed, nurtured and built these new opportunities you will then need to use this new growth in order to identify further new markets, and so on and so on………………….business development never stops!

More career titles will be added as we identify changes and developments in the job market.

CASCAID.  Our purpose?  Your purpose.




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