Ensuring value for money, time and effort

Did you know that the data generated by students when using online careers resources is invaluable when deciding what careers events to put on and  it can also help quantify the impact that your resources are having upon your students?


It’s no good having your students looking at information on a career that doesn’t exist anymore, or researching information on say, salary, that’s out of date.  A good resource will ensure that your students are basing life decisions on robust and timely information.

If your chosen careers guidance resource is not relevant or not up to date then it’s misleading.  

Similarly, if you can’t assess whether your students have used the resource properly then how can you prove that all your students  are benefiting from it.  How do you know that they haven’t just been messing around?   We all know how  important thinking about your future direction is, but for most teenagers it’s just boring.   Also, if they’re not using the resource properly then they won’t be producing the data you need to help you put on events effectively.  If your students aren’t recording their career intentions then you won’t know that 25 of them would really benefit from meeting the boss of the local civil engineering firm.

If no-one is using your resource properly then it’s a waste of time.

There’s only one of you.  Your time is limited.  You can’t afford to see every student in the school.  You need to be able to identify those who are fine, have realistic plans and have successfully incorporated them into their life and who therefore don’t need much of your time.  These students need minimal oversight.  You also need to identify those who aren’t fine, who haven’t any plans or whose plans are unrealistic or badly thought through or who haven’t successfully incorporated them into their life.  It’s these students who would benefit the most from your intervention.  A good resource gives you the information to help you maximise your own impact.

Online career guidance resources are only a start and if they don’t help you finish then they’re not helping.

You need to prove value for money, time and effort.  Careers guidance is still in the news and your management team want to know how much difference your chosen online resource is having.  They don’t want to be included in the next Ofsted report as having failed their students. A good resource will help you prove how your work has led to an increase in the number of students with a strong career direction and a realistic pathway.

If you can’t prove your resource’s impact then it’s not worth the effort.


CASCAID.  Our purpose?  Your purpose.

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