Students’ career data: Where are they thinking of moving onto?

Destination measures will become a headline performance measure from 2016

Sam Gyimah, Parliamentary Undersecretary of State for Education and Childcare speaking at The Careers Education and Guidance Summit, November 5th.


(The ‘quote’ above was recorded in the personal notes of a delegate, Mr Gyimah didn’t have any slides nor is there a transcript of his speech available.)

The national destination report for Key Stages 4 & 5 for the ac yr 13/14 was released on the 20th October 2015.   If you’re responsible for the destinations of young people, this report doesn’t help you do your job.   You can’t ensure that all of your young people move onto to a fruitful destination using data that arrives on your doorstep over a year after they’ve left your responsibility.

In order for you to be most effective, you need real time data that helps you focus your limited time and attention where its most needed.  You need to know who hasn’t got a clue what they are going to move onto, or who is thinking of a destination that suggests that they require some guidance and you need to know early enough to give you time to help that young person make the right decision for them.

No-one can manage in the dark.

Which is where the data collected by your students who are using online products can help.  In our software we collect data on students’ career, subject and  qualification choices (including Apprenticeships) meaning we know their intended destinations.  This is displayed in the Manager and in students’ Action Plan report.  Its much easier, quicker, cheaper and more robust than conducting a survey.

If you’re interested in helping your students make the right life choices then I recommend that you use the data that they generate to help you.


CASCAID.  Our purpose?  Your purpose.




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