How well is your job creation program doing?

Job Data Explorer is a tool that CASCAID has started developing and are looking for feedback.  The tool displays data on job adverts from around the country, across occupations and over time, letting you evaluate how well any program is working and therefore giving you the information you need to change tack.

We collect tens of thousands of new jobs and apprenticeships every day from over 100 job sites including all the main job boards.  We process this data overnight and present it to you the next day meaning that you are always using up to date information.  We let you find the occupation that you require and see how many jobs there are.  We built a custom map so that you can see the data in the geographical area you’re interested in.  With over a years’ worth of job data you’re able to see recent trends.

The tool allows you to report in a number of ways:

  • You choose the UK country, region and districts that are of interest to you
  • You choose the occupations that you are interested in
  • You choose the period that you are interested in and see the monthly trend

By combining these three variables you can produce sophisticated and detailed reports.

There’s also a number of data sets to report upon:

  • Number of jobs (How well are our job creation programs doing?)
  • Average salaries (How much will people get paid?)
  • Advert durations (How hard is it to fill a vacancy?)

Watch the video:


If you’d like to have a free 2 week trial, please email me at  I only ask that you complete a short survey.


CASCAID.  Our purpose?  Your purpose.


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