Young People Aim for the Usual Suspects

Good career guidance is important for social mobility because it helps open pupils’ eyes to careers that they may not have considered

Gatsby: ‘Good Career Guidance’

Helping young people discover careers that they won’t have heard of before is something that we take very seriously at CASCAID.  When we saw what the most popular ‘Areas of Work’ were last year I must admit that our hearts sank a little.

Let me explain.  During visits to Customer’s sites, a lot of conversations went like this:

CASCAID – “So, what are you thinking of doing after education?”

YP – “I want to work in IT”

CASCAID – “That’s great, IT is a growth area and there will be plenty of opportunities when you’re ready to start working.  What interests you the most: Hardware or Software?  Building apps or building servers?”

YP – “Don’t know, I just like playing games.”

In response, we created ‘Areas of Work’.   These are groups of careers that are related to each other in a meaningful way.  These great for younger students as they act as a stepping stone to specific careers.   I was interested in the areas young people across the country were interested in, so, last week, I took a look at the data from New Kudos and saw this:


At first glance, the choices look very conservative.  However, they are understandable considering the lack of exposure young people have to careers; it’s impossible to cover all the careers available in a single lesson, for instance. We have over 750 careers and are finding new ones every week (for instance, we’ve found that there are enough job postings for ‘Digital Marketing Executive’ to warrant writing it up, so this will be available soon).

But this is where ‘Areas of Work’ come into their own.  If we take a look at the careers linked to ‘Animals’ we see the obvious ones:

  • Dog Groomer
  • Horse Groom
  • Veterinary Nurse
  • Veterinary Surgeon

but we also expose some careers the young person may not have come across before:

  • Animal Technologist
  • Pet Behaviour Counsellor
  • RSPCA Inspector

As the Gatsby report says, expanding horizons is so important, which is why we have designed tools to help young people (and adults) discover careers.  Indeed, the next version of New Kudos has been designed so that it is easier and quicker to do exactly that and one of the ways I as Product Manager  will be measuring its impact will be to look at the data and see if the number of careers young people are considering or aspiring to has increased.

However, an abundance of choice brings its own problems and in a future post I’ll be looking at what we do to help young people with this.

Does this ring a bell?  Does the conservative nature of young people worry you?  Or do you have experience of how this can be addressed?



If you are interested in New Kudos or any other CASCAID product then we’d love to show what they can do for you.   Simply register for a free webinar at


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2 thoughts on “Young People Aim for the Usual Suspects

  1. I find that the frame of reference for young people is so narrow, that the adage – “they don’t know what they don’t know” comes to mind. However, what they do know is themselves, their likes and interests so personality profiling is always my initial way ‘in’ to get them thinking about what would suit them and broaden the scope from just Chemistry to the skills involved in being good at chemistry.


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