The Steel Industry – how we can help

The steel industry in Britain has hit the headlines recently, with the sad news of huge job losses in Redcar, Scunthorpe and Lanarkshire.

The effect of these job losses on individuals, families and whole communities cannot be overestimated. The Tata Steel plant in Scunthorpe is the main employer in the town, and 900 job losses will hit the community hard. The SSI Steel plant in Redcar has gone into liquidation and 2200 jobs will be lost.

Action must be taken to help those affected to find new employment. But what sort of action? Before accurate advice can be given to those affected, information must be gathered as to the state of the current job market in the local area – will the workers current skillset give them a good chance of finding similar employment locally or will they have to retrain or relocate?

The SSI Steel plant is situated in the district of Redcar & Cleveland. The surrounding areas include Middlesbrough, Stockton on Tees and Hartlepool. Using CASCAID’s new job vacancy analysis tool Job Data Explorer, I studied the number and different types of job vacancies that have been posted in these areas over the last three months.

Numbers of job vacancies July – September 2015 (Job Data Explorer):

Industry Redcar & Cleveland Middlesbrough Stockton on Tees Hartlepool
Skilled Metal and Electrical Trade 12 12 115 68
Process, Plant and Machine Operators 25 5 105 33
Skilled Construction & Building Trade 8 2 37 8
Corporate Managers 107 8 271 68
Retail 41 27 98 37
Administrative Occupations 58 12 147 46

The data in this table is taken from  Job Data Explorer and it is quite revealing. Any ex-employee leaving the steel industry in Redcar with skills in the metal, electrical, process and plant machine operating trades is going to struggle to find work locally. Middlesbrough and Hartlepool do not offer much comfort either. However, Stockton on Tees does have significantly higher numbers of job vacancies within those trades. This information could be vitally important for someone finishing their employment at the SSI Steel plant in Redcar and are unsure of where to look next. Travelling further afield to look for work could be very beneficial in this scenario, and we can point them to exactly where the vacancies are – in this case Stockton.

Those who are looking for employment in Redcar & Cleveland with office based administrative skills are in a stronger position locally, although Stockton on Tees is still stronger and a source of greater numbers of suitable vacancies.

The data gathered from Job Data Explorer for Scunthorpe and the surrounding areas is equally revealing. Scunthorpe is in North Lincolnshire and is surrounded by North East Lincolnshire, Doncaster, East Riding, and Leeds.

Numbers of job vacancies July – September 2015 (Job Data Explorer):

Industry North Lincs North East Lincs Doncaster East Riding Leeds
Skilled Metal and Electrical Trade 899 426 1275 1310 5584
Process, Plant and Machine Operators 561 341 652 845 3919
Skilled Construction & Building Trade 141 114 191 335 1878
Corporate Managers 1159 682 2237 2850 17243
Science & technology Professionals 14834

The numbers of job vacancies in this area are considerably higher overall than for those of Redcar and the surrounding areas, and so these figures have to be put into context when comparing industries. But skilled metal and electrical trade jobs are very well represented here numerically with 899 vacancies, as are other similar engineering industries and trades. Relocation is probably not going to give an extra advantage to anyone with this skillset.

The only surrounding area which numerically stands out is Leeds, which obviously has a higher population. Corporate manager vacancies are high in all of the areas, and any employee leaving Tata Steel in Scunthorpe with science and technology skills would be strongly advised to consider relocating to Leeds as there is a strong need for such skills (14834 vacancies).

By using Job Data Explorer we can help those who have been affected by these terrible job losses to locate current job vacancies and then hopefully, employment. The knowledge that there very few job vacancies for those skilled in the metal and electrical trades in Redcar & Cleveland could be crucial for someone searching for employment. Not only can we state where there are few vacancies, we can also point them to where there are higher numbers – in this case Stockton on Tees. The same can be said of those who have a science and technology skillset in Scunthorpe – Leeds is their best option.

CASCAID’s Job Data Explorer is a tool that has been developed to allow you to see data on job adverts from around the country, across occupations and over time. It’s been developed in such a way that it can be used in its CASCAID branded form or it can carry your own branding. It can also be incorporated into your own site.

For more information please contact our Product Manager Simon King:

Tel: 01509 226844

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