A level choices and competitive advantage

This year’s A levels results were published last week, and they have revealed how several subjects have enjoyed a sudden surge in popularity. The subjects receiving the highest increase in entries include many subjects which have been labelled by the Russell Group as ‘facilitating subjects’. These are subjects which have been identified as most likely to help a student get onto a university course, and therefore most likely to help them in their subsequent search for a job.

The biggest risers are:

  • Computing up 30%
  • Spanish up 14%
  • Geography up 12.7%
  • History and English Literature both up 7.1%
  • Maths up 4.4%

John Cridland, the Director-General of the CBI, has stated that these statistics show that students are making ‘informed choices’ regarding their A levels. But where is this information coming from, and what careers do these subjects lead to?

Our popular product New Kudos, advises students on exactly what careers a particular subject could lead them into. For instance, studying the biggest riser, A level Computing, could lead them into the following careers:

  • Web Designer
  • Infrastructure Engineer
  • Data Analyst

New Kudos also reveals that studying Geography can lead to careers in:

  • Town Planning
  • Geology
  • Environmental Conservation

Of course, not all students want to study one of the facilitating subjects at A level, and this should not be seen in any way as a negative thing. New Kudos can inform them as to where their intended subject course can lead them. Take a look at the examples below:

A level History can lead to a career as a:

  • Archivist
  • Art Gallery Curator
  • Journalist

An A level in Law does not just lead into a law degree or a career as a Lawyer. New Kudos also shows that it is a great way to become a:

  • Political researcher
  • Paralegal
  • Trading Standards Officer

An A level in Technology and Design will give a student the skills necessary to be able to become a:

  • Vehicle Technician
  • Safety Engineer
  • Auto-Electrician

So as you can see, New Kudos is an excellent tool for finding out exactly what careers different subjects can lead to. Whilst the facilitating subjects are undoubtedly very important, this list should in no way be taken as the only path to follow. Students should be encouraged to explore their interests and their future options, and by using New Kudos, a new world of opportunity is revealed.

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