CASCAiD introduces a new apprentice!

At CASCAiD, we have recently employed an apprentice in our Customer Service Team.

We have decided to showcase Liam’s journey as an Apprentice to highlight how learning and gaining experience in a workplace can help young people to build up valuable skills, experience and knowledge.

Liam Faulkner is completing a Business Administration Apprenticeship at CASCAiD and is currently in his first week.

“My apprenticeship is set to last between 12- 14 months. In this time my main responsibility is to support the rest of the team in their delivery of customer engagement activities across customer support, finance, sales and business marketing operations.”

“On a day-to-day basis, my set tasks can vary widely. From updating and maintaining customer records, providing updates to the sales team and completing activity reports, all the way to processing customer orders, answering calls and website queries or searching for customer details online.”

Annette Wade, Head of Customer Engagement, believes that Liam will be an asset to the team and has already shown his willingness to learn and his proactive nature.

“Previously at CASCAiD we have employed an apprentice, Sam, in the IT team and he has brought numerous benefits to the team and the company as a whole.

“Liam will help the Customer Services, Sales and Marketing team by speeding up processes and providing a pair of fresh eyes into the company. It is exciting to see the potential of Liam we hope he takes advantage of the opportunities available so he can really grow his skillset and experience in different areas of the business.”

Apprenticeships provide an excellent opportunity for young people and are increasingly available in a growing number of industries.

Our programs, including Kudos Inspire, highlight the vocational and academic pathway into careers to ensure students are aware of all the opportunities available to them.

We asked Liam how he found out about apprenticeships.

“I was given lots of information about apprenticeships throughout my final years at high school, but as most of this information was very general it wasn’t incredibly useful. I mainly used the internet to help find information about the many different apprenticeships on offer; this helped me make an informed decision on which would be the most appropriate placement for myself as an individual.”

“There are many reasons to study as an apprentice. I chose an apprenticeship because I feel that the real world experience you gain is extremely valuable and beneficial. Also, because you can potentially get the opportunity to develop a career within an already well-established company. My apprenticeship allows me to manage my own self development, I feel I have a lot more control over the direction in which my career is going which is a big positive.”

“The main thing I am looking to gain from my apprenticeship is experience working in an administrative role and a solid foundation upon which I can begin building my career.”

We will be sharing Liam’s story throughout his Apprenticeship at CASCAiD through our Twitter page, so follow @CASCAiD for updates.

CASCAiD is delighted to be working with Impact Apprenticeships to support Liam with his Apprenticship.

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