Help to Work programme

The government’s Help to Work programme, launched in April, aims to assist those who have been unemployed for three years or longer back into work.

“2.179 Help to Work – From April 2014 the government will introduce a new package of targeted measures to help the long-term unemployed, who are still unemployed after 2 years on the Work Programme, back to work. Claimants will be referred to 3 different types of support depending on need: daily signing, mandatory intervention or community work placements.” Autumn Statement 2013.

Jobseekers will be on the scheme indefinitely, until they have gained employment. The new scheme aims to give jobseekers the experience, skills, training and advice they need to gain employment.

The programme contains three options:

  1. Unpaid community work placements
  2. Daily appointments at their nearest Job Centre
  3. Compulsory training to boost employability

Sanctions will then be enforced if jobseekers breach the rules of their placement.

The scheme, which can be seen as a last resort for those struggling to gain employment, has highlighted the need for an effective tool to smooth the transition into employment for jobseekers and advisers.

WorkTrack can help to alleviate heavy adviser workloads through the client management portal. Advisers will be able to monitor client activity through the dashboard which will allow for easy prioritisation of clients and personalised follow ups.

Jobseekers will be able to use WorkTrack to search for personalised live vacancies based on their interests, experience or search criteria, all in their location of preference.

Showing live, non-duplicate vacancies from Universal Jobsmatch, local, national, private, public and niche job boards as well as all the major job sites, WorkTrack places jobseekers in an excellent position to find employment without trawling through daily jobsites.

WorkTrack also gives jobseekers the option of linking their profile to Universal Jobsmatch. This allows all of their job search activity to be passed through to their Universal Jobmatch activity history – vital if jobseekers need to evidence the activity that they have been doing.

WorkTrack can be used with jobseekers of all ages and at all stages of unemployment. Highlighting suitable, live vacancies in their area can motivate jobseekers that local opportunities are available.

For a free 15 minute demo of WorkTrack over the phone, please email with your contact details and request a time and date to suit you. We will reply as quickly as we can.

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