Anne Gregory – Holistic Therapist

This video doesn’t exist

Alternative therapies are not something I’ve ever got involved in. I’m very stoic in my ways and feel that ignoring a problem and never talking about it is the manly way to face life’s bumps and curves. I may have to change my views, though, after a trip to interview holistic therapist Anne Gregory.

I took along a colleague, Allister Jordan, so that Anne had someone to work her magic on. From just looking at Allister and feeling his wrist, Anne saw straight away where his issues lie.

I can’t divulge what these issues are, of course, but if you take a look at the video clip I’m sure you can guess what kind of problems a man like that would have.

Allister was so relaxed that he fell asleep and I had to leave him in Anne’s purpose-built treatment room. Anne asked me to pick him up the next day as he was upsetting some of her other clients with his snoring. I said leave him out by the bins and I’d get him after work.

Allister is now back at work and thanks to Anne looks more relaxed than ever.

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