Melton Mowbray livestock market

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Enjoy talking fast at farmers? Agricultural auctioneer could be what you’re looking for.

On a trip to Melton Mowbray’s livestock market last year, I met one of their fast talking auctioneers. The market itself is well worth a visit and takes place every Tuesday. All sorts of animals were up for auction in a fast moving, vibrant atmosphere. However, if you stood still too long, someone sprayed you with paint and you were up for offers, so you needed to be alert.

I took along our phone lady, Jane Clarke to help out with action footage of the auctioneer at work and to capture general market activity, while I was doing the interview.

Jane’s instructions were to hold the camera steady and film some sheep. She decided this wasn’t what people needed from a video about agricultural auctioneers. What they needed was loads of footage of people’s feet and a 3 minute close-up of my neck.

I appreciated Jane’s company but won’t be using her again as a video assistant.

Towards the end of the day, one farmer offered me a considerable amount of hay in exchange for Jane, but I had to refuse as I didn’t have the car space.

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