Massage therapist – Tony Taylor

This video doesn’t exist

I used to have a regular massage from a wonderful lady called Lesley –

She’d visit the office, put on some Chinese restaurant music and we’d get 20 minutes. It always helped me to relax, but I wasn’t sure how effective it was in helping me update careers information. Lesley has now moved on, but late last year I met another massage therapist – Tony Taylor of EaseAway, Northampton.

Tony is a fully-trained therapist, who offers things like hot stones, reflexology and, a new one on me, NO-HANDS® Massage.

Tony lost his sight a few years ago and re-trained as a massage therapist, setting up at EaseAway in 2011. He bases himself at Therapies at Wootton Fields in Northampton.

Take a look at the video clip to see Tony explain just what NO-HANDS® is and a little about why he likes what he does. And if you’re anywhere near Northampton and fancy being de-stressed and de-strained, contact Tony!

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