Dog Grooming in Bunny

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Setting up a small business can be a fraught experience. I myself ran a small cat training school for a number of years and was known locally as the ‘Cat Whisperer.’

By locally, I mean in my house and by in my house I mean it was me that referred to myself as the Cat Whisperer. That doesn’t take away anything from the great rehabilitation work I did with cats burned out by the tough regime of sleeping a lot, having their meals prepared and served to them, and pretending to love their owners in order to get the aforementioned meals.

Jackie Passey, who runs the Dogz Locks at Bunny Hill Top near Loughborough, set up the business after finding other grooming places too busy to book an appointment for her dog. On the day I visited her, she was grooming a young chap called Murphy. He was better behaved than a lot of people I’ve seen bathed and dried. He didn’t like the powerful hair dryer near his ears, but other than that, he was a credit to his breed.

Take a look at the video clip to hear how Jackie got into grooming and a little about the qualifications she’s picked up along the way. The full video will be appearing at a later date.

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