Combining a passion with business

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As a young man, I was often compared to great dancers like Wayne Sleep and Ashley Banjo. As I’ve got older, the knees have gone and I’ve been sidelined – unlike the people at the AMC School of Dance in Quorn, Leicestershire, who looked full of the joys of life when I went to video them recently.

AMC was set up by Adele Clarke in 2011. Adele holds down a full-time job and also organises the yearly dance festival – Dance Caper – in Leicester, so she’s a busy woman.

Adele’s story is an inspiring one. She’s managed to take something that is a passion and turn it into a viable business. She studied business and ICT at university but never lost her love of dance. She now combines her business knowledge with her dancing ability in making AMC the success that it is.

Check out the video clip, where Adele talks about how she got into dance and what she loves about running her school.

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