Mark Graham – Senior Green Spaces Officer

This video doesn’t exist

Very few people are greener than me. There’s Titchmarsh, her from the Body Shop and maybe Bill Oddie, but other than that, I can’t think of anyone else who out-greens me.

Mark Graham at Charnwood Borough Council is pretty green though. To prove how green, we did our video interview in a forest. It was pouring with rain but we persevered.

Mark is the senior green spaces officer at Charnwood. He’s responsible for all the wildlife sites, nature reserves and woodlands in the area and works with communities on a whole range of different projects involving people and nature.

Mark talks about the things he enjoys about his job in the video clip above. He also covers a few of the skills you’ll need to be a success in a career like his. The full video interview will be in products sometime soon.

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