Market life

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Ever walked through a busy market and thought to yourself, ‘this looks fun, why don’t I set up an organic pet food or gaudy trinkets stall?’

I chose a great day to talk with some of the people at Loughborough Market. A sunny Saturday so shoppers were out and trade was brisk. I interviewed Tony Simons, who runs a braces stall and oversees another stall selling eggs, in a different part of the market. Braces and eggs, the classic combination.

Tony’s been standing on the market for years and like everyone I spoke to he loved the life. A common phrase I heard while talking with the market traders was, ‘it’s a way of life.’

Roger Boone on socks and stockings talked of seeing women he’d first served when they were young girls continuing to buy from him as they grew up, got married and then their children would become customers.

Roger talked a little about how you go about getting a stall on a market. If this were Eastenders, you’d talk with Tamwar, the least effective market inspector in the history of the world. Or, you’d just set up a stall without asking anyone, like Tyler Moon. If you were Whitney and already had a stall, you’d spend all day away from it after asking whoever was on fruit and veg to keep an eye on your stall for a ‘minute.’ You’d then go off and shout at men.

In the real world, Roger gives more practical advice. To see Roger and Tony in action, take a look at the video, and remember to support your local market!

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