Press photographer – Will Johnston

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Sometimes with people, you just click. That’s how it felt the other day when I spent some time with Leicester Mercury photographer Will Johnston.

I joked, he laughed. He joked, I laughed. The time just flew.

Will’s photographed royalty, celebrities, sporting legends and Sven Goran Eriksson. On the day I was with him, we covered a litter picking promotion at Beaumont Leys shopping centre.

Will’s a man clearly in love with what he does and although it wasn’t the most glamorous of locations for him, he still knows he’s got a dream job, so enjoyed being out and about. For me, Beaumont Leys is quite a glamorous location, so it worked out well in the end for both of us.

Certain jobs, you just know you’re up against half the country if you want to get into the industry. Press photography, and especially the sporting end of it, is one of those jobs. Will gives some useful advice in the video clip above about getting into photography, but like anything good in life, it doesn’t come easy. Promote yourself in as many ways as you can seems to be the key. And, of course, having a good eye for what makes a great photo.

I’ve now interviewed 2 photographers: Will from the Leicester Mercury and Yvonne Lishman from the strange world of Yvonne Lishman. Two happier people in their work you’re unlikely to meet.

I’ve used some of Will’s photos in the video clip and in the full length version that will be in products some time soon. For more examples of his work, check out his galleries at:

Also, you can follow Will on Twitter @whljohnston

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