The boys at Bloor Homes

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Quantity surveying can be one of those jobs that make people roll their eyes and mention the counting of bricks. As someone who updates the construction careers information here at CASCAiD, my view has always been a bit more positive. Employment prospects have always seemed good, and the mixture of site- and office-based work gives the variety many people need in a job to keep them interested.

On a recent trip to Bloor Homes in Measham, Leicestershire, I met the full age range of quantity surveying talent, with 17-year-old Kyle, 25 year-old Adam and the more mature Warren. The videos I shot will be in products some time soon, but while you’re waiting, I’ve prepared some highlights. Some of this footage won’t be going into products so think of this as an exclusive.

Things to look out for are Adam’s first ever meeting with a woman. From his face in the video, I presume it must be the first time he’s ever spoken to a female. Don’t worry Adam, the first time is always difficult. Next time, try not to look so scared. Also, your posture was a bit stiff. Loosen up. Maybe, wear a bow tie. Ladies love a man in a bow tie.

Warren’s quick demonstration of the Hansgrohe shower valve really piqued my interest in the whole plumbing parts game. It’s not an area I’ve paid much attention to before, but Warren’s enthusiasm for the valve was infectious.

Kyle, to me, looks like a future business leader so watch out for him.

So, thank you to all the people at Bloor Homes who took time to talk to me. And big thanks to Adam for not only doing his interview but also for setting up Kyle’s one and also taking me on site for the outside footage.

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