Info pack to boost girls’ ‘ambitions’

The Government is to send an info pack to parents of daughters, to help them bring up ‘aspirational’ young women. Is it needed – and what good will it do?

The packs will include advice on issues such as subject and career choice.

Maria Miller, the culture secretary and minister for women and equalities, is sending out the packs in response to recommendations from the Women’s Business Council (WBC).

I question the semantics picked up in the media here: is the issue that women lack ‘ambition’ or rather that they face a number of barriers to engaging with, entering and progressing within certain areas of work?

But there are certainly issues that we must tackle urgently, so I welcome what the Government’s doing in principle. In economic terms, equalising the ratio of men to women in the workplace could increase growth by 0.5% a year, according to the WBC’s latest report. The WBC’s recommendations are substantive – calling for a culture change in careers provision and a more cohesive approach from Government and business to getting more girls into STEM careers.  It’d be very useful to see what the packs include.

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