Parents’ views on Careers Advice

A number of parents have been asked for their views on whether the careers service in the UK works.  This has been requested from The National Careers Council which is reporting to the Government on the current state of the careers service in the UK. Asked on the popular parents’ site, Mumsnet, parents have been asked the following questions:

  • First off did you know there was a National Careers Service for young people adults and have you / your DC ever used it?
  • Are your children getting any careers advice in schools and if so what sort of age has that happened?
  • And what sort of career aspirations do you have for your children?

Quite a number of parents weren’t aware that there was a National Careers Service and many of them commented on the lack of information and advice provided at school. Many parents stressed the need for their children to be made aware of the opportunities available to them ie alternatives to university. In terms of career aspirations, parents are very keen for their children to pursue careers that they will enjoy but are also achievable and realistic choices.

It’s important for parents to be involved in their children’s decisions and future options. This is why we provide off-site access for students of schools that subscribe to our online careers tools, Launchpad, Kudos, Kudos Inspire and Careerscape. These career tools help young people look at their own interests and career choices. Aware of the time constraints in schools, the off-site access gives the student more time to consider their options and make informed decisions about their future. It also means parents can get more involved with their children’s choices and talk to them about what they’d like to do in the future.

Click on our Parents’ Guide for more support on how you can help your child.

To find out more about CASCAiD programs, please click here.

Read more comments from parents on Mumsnet on this issue.

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