A career in planning

Anyone who had any Lego® as a child will know the pleasure to be had from planning a new ‘housing development’ and watching those plans come to fruition. The houses I built were generally one storey, in red brick, or blue depending on the availability. There were some local children who had special bricks for making trees, but I thought that was a step too far and wanted to keep my developments austere.

While planning as a career isn’t something I’ve gone into, probably for the best, it is an industry that affects us all in some way. Balancing local needs, commercial interests and environmental issues must be a demanding job.

Last week, I met with the head of development management at Charnwood Borough Council – Steve Lewis-Roberts. His enthusiasm for the role really came across. He spoke a little about employment prospects in planning and gave a few useful tips for any young person interested in getting into this work area. Here’s a short clip:

This video doesn’t exist

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