National Careers Week- marketing executive

Marketing ExecutiveTell us about your current role

I am a marketing executive at CASCAiD and started in September 2012 on a graduate six-month placement. In my role, I create campaigns to send out to existing and new customers including schools, jobcentres and libraries, promoting and up selling CASCAiD software. I also compile three monthly e-newsletters, help manage CASCAiD social media sites and write articles for the CASCAiD blog and website.

What was your journey from education to your current job like?

I completed my GCSEs and A levels at my local school and then went straight to the University of Sheffield where I studied Management and Economics.

When I graduated, I wanted to go travelling so I carried on my catering jobs I’d had through school and university and also got a full-time job at Derby Hospital, working in the Records Department, to help me fund my South America backpacking trip.

When I came back from travelling, I got in contact with Graduate Gateway, part of Loughborough University, who place recent graduates in local businesses and organisations. They got me in touch with CASCAiD who had an opening in their marketing department and after an initial meeting and interview I got the offer of a six-month placement.

A six-month placement was the perfect opportunity for me to gain professional experience and be part of a business working in a real marketing role.

What advice would you give to a young person who was interested in your career?

For students wanting to enter the marketing field I would advise them to get work experience whilst they are still studying. This provides a great opportunity to experience a working office environment and the tasks undertaken in a marketing role.

Work experience allows you to provide examples of where you have used your skills and shows future employers that you will be able to complete tasks set.

For young people wanting to go to university to study business or marketing I would also advise they take a placement/sandwich year. This looks excellent on their CV and gives them a year’s experience over most other graduates. This lack of experience on my CV contributed to why it took me a few months to gain employment once I returned from travelling.

And finally, what career did you want to do when you were younger?

At primary school I wanted to be an airhostess.

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