Freight doesn’t get drunk

Airline pilot is always one of the most popular career titles in CASCAiD products. When you think of that career though, do you always relate it to passenger-carrying aircraft? I think most people do, so it was interesting to spend some time talking with a pilot working in the freight side of the industry, at DHL.

Pete Robinson, like all the other people I’ve ever met who fly aircraft for a living, loves his job. Pete explained his preference for flying freight over flying passengers by simply saying that freight doesn’t get drunk.  To add to that, you could mention that freight doesn’t harass the cabin crew, freight doesn’t complain about the dryness of the chicken and freight doesn’t use your arm rest when it should be using its own.

Pete came into work a couple of hours early to show me round one of the planes.  And on a freezing cold night, he was patience personified, even when I asked him to pose for our career photos from three different angles as he inspected an engine. So, thank you Pete, and thank you DHL, for letting me see a different side of being a pilot.

Here’s Pete talking about how he got into the career.

This video doesn’t exist

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