National Careers Week – career videos

Following the House of Commons Education Committee inquiry the BBC asked post-16 students how they felt about the careers guidance they were receiving at school. One of the students responded, saying, “I think it would be really good if we had people coming in from different professions to inspire us to what career path we might want to go on.”

So to celebrate National Careers Week we are offering a preview of two of our latest career videos, which will be available in Careerscape soon,  to highlight how showing students real examples of different careers can inspire them to explore a range of careers.

Visiting different workplaces can provide students with invaluable experience and insight into the working world, different workplaces and different work activities. However, it is rarely practical or possible to expose students to every working environment that they might be interested in.

Similarly, inviting speakers from different career backgrounds into schools is likely to result in exposure to a limited number of careers.

Career videos are an effective, practical solution for gaining insight into different working environment. Careerscape contains over 300 career videos and provides the perfect starting point for students to research their future options.

Below we have released extracts of two of our most recent career videos which will be available in Careerscape over the next couple of months. These videos can provide an insight into their working environment, daily tasks and what is needed to get into their area of work.


This video doesn’t exist

Ceramics technologist

This video doesn’t exist

To find out more about Careerscape, and for a free Careerscape trial, please click here.

To find out more about National Careers Week, please click here.

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