Student Volunteering Week

This week, 11th-16th February, is Student Volunteering Week (SVW). SVW brings together organisations from all sectors to promote and celebrate the volunteering efforts of students across the universities and colleges in the UK.

Volunteering whilst at school, college or university can be an excellent way to help the local community/ local causes, gain employability skills and get experiences of different workplaces.

We have decided to share one of our volunteering case studies from Careerscape to provide more insight into volunteering and where volunteering can lead to in the future.

Paul Naylor is a voluntary care worker and he shares his experiences of volunteering.

“Via my college course, I did a two-week placement working at Winged Fellowship* (respite care for people with varying forms of physical disabilities) and I think that when I did that I realised that’s where I wanted to work, that’s where I got the most pleasure from”.

“My volunteering experience has led to my current career choice of working with people with disabilities.”

Volunteering allows students to gain experience of working in an area they may wish to pursue in the future, whilst also helping by volunteering their time and effort to help others.

“Because of (volunteering) I am in the position I am today and have found that I can apply for jobs more confidently.”

Through volunteering, students will gain transferable employability skills. These skills can show future employers that students have experience in a workplace and will be able to complete tasks effectively.

Careerscape provides detailed articles and video case studies to provide insight to students wanting to volunteer and also to those wanting to find out more about volunteering abroad.

To find out more about Careerscape and to sign up for a free trial, please click here.

*Vitalise is the new name for the Winged Fellowship Trust

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