Two British institutions

Over the past few months, I’ve had the chance to visit two British success stories, both in Derbyshire and situated within a few miles of each other.

In November of last year, I spent some time in Matlock at John Smedley, purveyors of high quality knitwear. And just this week, I interviewed some people at Denby Pottery in Ripley.

Both sets of premises had sprawling mazes of similar looking corridors – the kind of which I’d still be in if someone wasn’t showing me around!

It’s not a requirement when I go to interview people, but I bought three woollen tops from John Smedley and a pair of bowls from the Denby shop. The bowls look like they’re slumming it when I put them in the cupboard with my other crockery, and the wool the people at John Smedley use seems to have no relation to the itchy stuff I used to have to wear as a kid – it’s so comfortable.

So, thank you to everyone I met at both places for allowing to me to see inside two British institutions. As a taster of what you’ll see in products over the coming months, here’s Katy at Denby talking about what she likes about being a ceramics designer.

This video doesn’t exist

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