The Skills Show

Last week, I visited the Skills Show at the NEC in Birmingham.

The Skills Show is a huge event which showcases skills and encourages young people to explore a range of career options.

Young people from across the country had the opportunity to take part in live demonstrations and try their hand at everything from forensic science to laying turf to creating fine chocolates.

Alongside the hands-on interaction, there were many ‘competition zones’ where young people from colleges and training providers were competing by showcasing their skills. Competitions were taking place for virtually every skills area, including millinery, computer coding, plumbing, robotics, floristry and many more.

It was great to see so many young people getting the chance to explore all of the future career options that are available to them and being inspired to think about what they want to do in the future.

Whilst it would be fantastic for every young person to experience an event like The Skills Show, it isn’t always possible, so it’s important that schools explore other ways of enabling them to explore a range of future options.

Work experience is one way of doing this but opportunities for students to visit different work places are limited.

One way of exposing young people to a variety of occupations and workplaces is to use career videos like those available in Careerscape.

Videos showcase people who do a variety of work roles discussing what they do and showing what it’s like to work in their job.

You can find out more by clicking here.

You can take a look at highlights from The Skills Show by visiting the WorldSkills UK Facebook page.


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