UCAS personal statements

With UCAS applications well underway, students need to ensure that they are producing top quality personal statements. Thousands of students are competing for places at the top universities, so UCAS applications need to be personal and eloquent and not end up in the UCAS list of top ten most overused personal statement phrases.

Teachers and advisers need to ensure that students are selling themselves in a way that will make them stand out from other applicants, who will have equally good grades.

The UCAS blog has recently published ‘Personal statements: Universities tell you what they want’  where four university Head of Admissions give tips and advice to students writing their personal statements. This advice includes

  • Providing evidence about your interest in your degree choice, rather than a ‘wish’ or ‘dream’ to study.
  • Checking for grammar or spelling mistakes, as these errors can reveal personality traits such as a lack of commitment and attention to detail.

Without proper guidance, a student’s skills and experience may not translate into words and vital university places could be missed because of an unstructured and badly written personal statement.

Kudos Inspire contains the guidance and advice students need to submit a quality UCAS application.

Kudos Inspire provides information and support for UCAS applications to support post-18 choices. There is a ‘Personal Statement Supporting Information’ section, where students are encouraged to record their achievements, experiences and skills, and provide examples and evidence, so this information can be used for content in their personal statements.

Once an evidence base is built up, students can move on to the personal statement builder. This provides an in-depth guide for every section of their personal statement, including the opening statement, the course, skills and experience, achievements and future aspirations. Kudos Inspire will give examples of good and bad paragraphs in each section, to show students how to portray their skills and experience in a way that promotes themselves, showing that generalised statements will not get them noticed.

Once students have created a draft of their personal statement it can be submitted to the teacher/adviser for them to read, make suggestions and then send back to the student to rework.

“Kudos Inspire is a complete package. Easy and fun to use…the UCAS personal statement and CV builder sections are popular with our students.” Mrs Gill Woodman, Careers and Vocational Links Co-ordinator at Felpham Community College.

Kudos Inspire has been created to make the UCAS application simple and easy to work through for students.  It allows teachers/advisers to keep up to date with each application and check personal statements are being completed.

To view our demonstration video of Kudos Inspire please click here, or to request a free trial,  please click here.

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