Exhibiting at a Futures Nottinghamshire event

Yesterday, I went with Deb Colfer, one of CASCAiD’s sales executives, to a careers guidance event in Edwinstowe, Nottinghamshire.  Hosted by Futures Nottingham and Nottinghamshire, the event brought together a range of careers professionals from across the region.

 While exhibiting and assisting delegates with CASCAiD product information and demonstrations was my main task for the day, I was also able to attend a few of the workshops.

 One of the most interesting workshops was on labour market information (LMI).  In this workshop, we looked at how careers have changed in Nottinghamshire over the past 100 years.  Interestingly, 100 years ago manufacturing was the largest industry sector, employing 33% of the workforce. Today, IT is one of the biggest industry sectors.

 Following on from this, we looked at jobs that are on the increase or decline.  To do this, we played a game called ‘hot job, cold job’.  This involved the facilitator showing a list of jobs on a screen.  We then had to decide if the job was hot (increase in demand) or cold (job in decline). 

 Some of the jobs we analysed included insurance broker, fighter pilot and engineer.  We finished by discussing jobs which have only just started to exist.  One of the jobs we looked at was an online reputation manager: someone employed by an organisation to use message boards and social media to promote the organisation’s brand and ensure that its reputation is protected.

 I found this to be a very interesting activity and a good method of getting young people to think about how the job market is changing.  I feel that a product such as Careerscape could significantly benefit the ‘hot job, cold job’ game.  As Careerscape contains vital labour market information such as industry trends and the percentage of people that are employed full-time/part-time within the career, it could be integrated into the game to allow young people to find out about LMI specific to each job.

 The other workshop I attended  looked at the Government’s new ‘Career Mark’.  This was something I was keen to find out more about as my prior knowledge was limited.  To give an overview, the Career Mark is a new award schools can apply for to show their commitment to providing quality, impartial careers guidance.  There was a lot of interest in Career Mark and it looks like something many schools in Nottinghamshire could be working towards.

 Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed the day.  It was excellent to have so many people coming to our stand to find out more about our products and share good practice.  It was also beneficial to get involved with the workshops and enhance my knowledge about how careers guidance is being delivered in schools.

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