My Work Experience

Hi. My name is Priyanka and I came to Cascaid for 1 week for work experience.

What did you hope to learn from work experience?

I came here to learn how it feels like to work in a company. And also getting to know new people and use different softwares and getting the chance to actually use them.

What were you looking forward to experiencing?

I was looking forward to working in the graphics department because that’s what I want to do in the future.

What did you enjoy?

What I enjoyed the most was being able to work in each department and experience what they do in their everyday life. The most enjoyment I had was getting to know new people and it boosts up your confidence for later on in life.

Was anything about the company very different from what you expected?

Yes, because everyone knows what they are doing and everyone works within their task. But the big difference is that they all work as a team, which I think is a really good skill to have.

Have you now got a clearer idea about your future career?  What might your next step be?  

Within the departments that I have worked in at Cascaid, I think the ideal career would be the graphics side as that is what I want to do later on: become a web designer.

Overall, I’ve had the best work experience here at Cascaid , and it’s given me a pretty good idea of what I want and what is best for me in the future. I’m keeping my work experience a memory for the future.

2 thoughts on “My Work Experience

  1. hi, i’ve just been on work experience and i enjoyed it aswell. i think that having the chance of working at a company does change your life, as to what you would like to do in the future. and your blog is really nice. Ria.S.xx


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