Will we see a rise in voluntary work?

With so many cuts being made by the government, it is sadly already leading to a rise in redundancies and job losses. With so many people looking for employment opportunities it has become even more important to gain any advantages that will enhance your CV and impress prospective employers. One of the ways people can do this is to get valuable work experience by volunteering…so this asks the question, will we see a rise in voluntary work?

 I think the answer is ‘Yes’, it seems highly likely that there will be an increase in people volunteering, what with the shortage of paid work and a growing need for those to seek alternative employment. With a more competitive job market, people will have to use their existing skills or indeed, develop new ones. This is particularly true for those who may be considering a completely different career or job area. It’s ‘work experience’ all over again!

 Seizing the opportunity

 If anyone is looking to offer their skills, the London Olympics in 2012 offers the ideal opportunity. There will be volunteering opportunities in:

  1. first aid and medical services
  2. stewarding 
  3. interpreting
  4. transport services, including driving
  5. security
  6. administration
  7. ticketing
  8. media services
  9. accreditation
  10. support for sporting competitions – field of play volunteers, carrying tracksuits, sporting equipment etc
  11. doping control

 Volunteer yourself

 So if you want to get ahead of the competition and see what opportunities are out there, have a look at the following links.

Find out more about voluntary work at the Olympic Games 2012 and other voluntary work organisations here:


 Register to volunteer for the Olympic Games 2012 here:


 Also, you if you visit your local careers centre, you can find the articles; ‘Voluntary Work’ and ‘Voluntary Work Overseas’ in the guidance program, Careerscape and ‘Alternatives to Unemployment’ in Adult Directions.

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