Popular career videos

We’ve just been spending some time exploring the data that tells us what young people who use our programs look at.

Our videos cover hundreds of jobs and allow young people to watch interviews shot in a wide range of workplaces.

Currently (based on usage over the last 12 weeks), our most popular video is for the career Computer Games Designer. This highlights the interest that many young people have in taking their hobby of playing computer games forward into a career.

At number two in the list of most popular videos is Accountant-Industry and Commerce, followed by another creative career, Actor. Actor is the only ‘talent-based’ career in the top ten. Other ‘celebrity’ careers which are suggested by some as being favoured by young people such as Dancer and Singer, appear at number 20 and number 26 respectively.

Interesting the top ten also includes three uniformed services careers, suggesting that young people are interested in finding out more about what they see as being ‘action-packed’ careers. There are also a further four armed services careers within the top 30 most popular videos. Perhaps news coverage of the armed services is creating curiosity in young people to find about what these jobs involve?

Missing from the top parts of the list are any science related careers. The most popular science related career video is GP at number 18. The only other careers represented within the top 40 are other biology related careers including Midwife, Vet, Clinical Psychologist and Sports Scientist. The lack of interest shown in viewing videos of physics and chemistry related careers coupled with our earlier research into aspect interest further highlights the work that needs to be done to generate more interest in science as a further learning and career path.

The top ten most popular videos viewed during the last 12 weeks are:

  1. Computer Games Designer
  2. Accountant – Industry and Commerce
  3. Actor
  4. Police Officer
  5. Army Serviceman/woman
  6. Automobile Engineer
  7. Airline Pilot
  8. Royal Marines Commando
  9. Chef
  10. Barrister

We intend to monitor data to see if these trends change over time. It will be interesting to plot changes in video popularity against careers featured in the media to see how this influences young people’s interests.

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