More help needed for young offenders

A recent report highlighted the need for young offenders to receive more guidance and training support. The report ‘Training Planning For Children and Young People’ highlighted that:

  •  Just 60% of sentenced young offenders have a training plan in place.
  • Of those who had a plan, only half were involved in it.
  • Two-thirds were not allowed to see their plan when asked.

The review also found that young people who reported having a training plan were significantly more positive about their release than those without one.

Training plans are mandatory for young people in prison.  The idea is that they should underpin and guide the management of a young person’s time in custody and his or her transition back into the community on release.

As Juliet Lyon, Director of the Prison Reform Trust stated,

“Without effective guidance and support today’s vulnerable young people risk becoming tomorrow’s long-term adult prisoners. This review shows that many young people in custody are not receiving the support they need to get out of trouble.

Greater effort is needed to ensure young people are aware of, and engage in, the development of their training plans, which have a vital role to play in the process of their rehabilitation and resettlement.”

A response to the report is expected from the Youth Justice Board shortly.

You can find more comments on the report’s findings at:

 Read the report itself at

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