Disappearing homeopathy degrees

It’s my job to research complementary therapy careers, including homeopathy.  That’s a role that gets harder – or maybe easier – each year.  A UCAS course search now comes back with no homeopathy degrees, down from two university providers last year.

Homeopathy has been criticised as ‘unscientific’ by some academics.  The University of Central Lancashire said the decision to put its BSc course on hold was, “due to poor recruitment”, and, “nothing to do with the current furore”, although David Colquhoun of University College London called it, “a small victory for common sense, for science and for the integrity of universities” in his blog, ‘DC’s Improbable Science’.

I produce impartial careers information but I wonder how and with what justification careers advisers talk about ‘controversial’ careers with their clients.  Is it about equipping clients with labour market intelligence – the knowledge that their career in homeopathy could be affected, positively or negatively, by public perceptions? If you’re an adviser, do you talk about the issues with your clients or worry that this might compromise impartiality?

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